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Is the Arban the only book you need?

Posted on July 27, 2004 by 

The Arban book is talked about as being the Trumpet Bible. That implies a kind of completeness. This is simply not the case.

There are some good exercises but there is also a great deal of space devoted to younger players. A lot of both the Art of phrasing and the duets is easily mastered.

There is NO range work in the English versions. The multiple tonguing is on a basic level. And A great deal of the last 50 pages is also simple.

Lets face it a lot of High School players take the Carnival of Venice to solo contest or college auditions.

The book NEEDS a great deal of suppliments.

  • Bartold Orchestral Excerpts Vol. 1-5
  • Burke New Directions in Tonguing
  • Clarke Technical Studies
  • Clarke Characteristic Studies
  • Schlossberg Daily Drills
  • Williams Complete Method (Lots of great works in Vol. III)
  • Williams Supplimental Studies
  • Williams Transposition
  • Williams Secret of Technique Preservation

And even this is a partial list. But these are important.