Play trumpet effortlessly with Pops' trumpet lessons and trumpet books.

Take trumpet lessons and learn to play the trumpet effortlessly.

There are 4 things that act like Octave Keys for Trumpet players. Sadly most players use the wrong physical action in the wrong register and it doesn't work. I can help you with that FAST.

In the last 43 years, I have helped thousands of trumpet players: High School, College, Comeback Players & Working Pros. Players like Herb Alpert who had a 12 year layoff. Herb has released 9 CDs and done countless live shows since I gave trumpet lessons to him. Another is Keith Fiala who toured with Maynard Ferguson and has done 3 CDs after I gave him trumpet lessons.

What makes me different from other trumpet teachers?
I have been featured in articles in "The International Trumpet Guild Journal", "Wind Player Magazine", and "Overture" an American Federation of Musicians publication.

I have been mentioned in over a dozen books written by other trumpet teachers, in trumpet clinics, dissertations, trumpet forums, magazines, trumpet web sites and even you-tube videos posted by other trumpet teachers.

I have had "Endorsements" from: Over 200 Full time Trumpet Playing Professionals and College Trumpet Professors. Including: Herb Alpert, Darryl Bayer, Eric Bolvin, Bill Churchville, Kiku Collins, Mark Curry, Keith Fiala, Mic Gillette, George Graham, Jeff Helgesen, David Hickman, Bill Knevitt, Roddy Lewis, Jim Manley, Rex Merriweather, Leon Merian, Flip Oakes, Jeanne G Pocius, Matt von Rodderick, Eddie Severn, Andrea Tofanelli, James R. West and many many more.

Where do you start?
Look at the deals, books or videos on the menu to the left.
I have several packages, plus any of my books and videos can be bought individually.
I also offer trumpet lessons on Skype.

Play The Trumpet; Don't Play With It. The Key Is How You Think. 61 page book that teaches you the differences between being an OK High School Player and a Pro Player. You learn how they think, hear, practice.. and the changes really make a huge difference in YOUR sound and playing.

Trumpet Concerto based Key and Range Study. 485 page book using the Haydn and Hummel Concertos in every key. Play REAL music to work keys and range.

Trumpet Range Pyramid. This book builds a range pyramid and has a solid base for a usable range.

Tension-Less Playing. Teaches you HOW to relax and stop fighting your face and your trumpet.

Tensionless Playing Part 2: The 4 Trumpet Octave Keys. 4 actions that can easily be Octave keys for us.

The New Expanded Range Arban Ebook by Pops.
New 985 page Ebook. The range extends up an octave higher than in the Old Arban Book. (Step by step.)

Ask a question. I'll answer your questions. Simple inexpensive $10 for my undivided attention.

Free Stuff
Free Trumpet Method Books 6 Free Classic Method Books in pdf form. Arban, Saint Jacome, Clarke Technical Studies, Brandt 34 Etudes, Goldman Practical Studies and Jules Levy Cornet Instruction Book.
Pops' Thermal Imaging Study of Trumpet Players. Watch which muscles professional trumpet players use.
My Facebook page at: Facebook Trumpet Page.
60 Movie Clips of me and my students. .......&....... 30 Sound Clips of my Trumpet Students.

Pops trumpet lessons help trumpet players learn to play trumpet effortlessly.

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